Awaken your maternal intuition.  Intuitive Mother's Circle offers various workshops to guide you on your intuitive mother path.

"Mama Knows Best" Workshop

Maternal intuition is a powerful tool that we can tap into as mothers.  Awaken it, trust it and it will guide you forward into happy and healthy parenting.  Learn practices that will help you to listen to your body and understand the difference between trusting your intuition instead of giving into fear.

Two Hour Workshop is $30 per person.

“Mama To Be” Workshop

There are many things to think about upon pregnancy. What type of birth you would like to have, what doctor or midwife you want to pick, are there certain procedures that you do not want for your newborn upon birth and the list goes on and on. Learn how your intuition can help be your guide with these decisions about your pregnancy, labor and birth and what is best for your newborn.

Two Hour Workshop is $30 per person.

“First Time Mamas” Workshop

Lack of sleep and energy can often cloud our judgment as new mothers.  Learn ways to tune into your intuition and create a happy and healthy balance for your new baby and family.

Two Hour Workshop is $30 per person.

“Mamas With Toddlers” Workshop

Toddlers keep us busy and often we as mothers get so focused on our day-to-day schedules that we get lost in the moment at hand. Learn the tools of how to be a more “mindful mama” and the benefits that come from it.

Two Hour Workshop is $30 per person.

Intuitive Mothers Circle Private Parties or Speaking Engagements

IMC offers private home parties for you and your mama friends or mother’s group as well as private speaking engagements.   If interested, please contact Alicia Bravo at for further information.