Awaken your maternal intuition.  Intuitive Mother's Circle offers one on one sessions to new mamas that guide you on your intuitive mother path and offer you the guidance and tools you need to embrace motherhood and help prepare for your baby . These services provide you the opportunity to be ready for your baby's arrival so you can be at ease when the baby comes and put all your attention in to them instead of worrying about other details. Let me help you be the mama you want to be and light your fire within.

One On One Mama Support Prenatal Package

Prenatal Package is $200. (*sessions are also offered by Skype or phone)  Postnatal package can be added for additional $100.

Becoming a new mother is such a time of excitement and joy but it also can be a time when you feel overwhelmed, exhausted and sometimes alone in all your questions and concerns. All these feelings are natural and important to feel and should be embraced. Intuitive Mothers Circle is here to support you and empower you in your new mamahood. Let us be your guide and provide you all the tools you need to be a successful new mama.

The Prenatal Package is a 4 hour session split into 2 home visits. It includes:

Guidance and how to tap into your maternal intuition and education onthe importance of trusting yourself as a mother.

Support in understanding birth options including birth support and birth plans.

Baby registry support and education. What do you really need for your baby?

Baby room organization. What is the most effective way to set up your baby's room so items are easily accessible and in the best location possible for ease and balance.

Creating Mama balance. Learn ways to take time for yourself during your pregnancy and when baby arrives. These tools will help create a harmonious mama, baby and family.

Support system. What kind of support system should you have in place for when baby arrives? Lactation support? Postpartum Doula? Sleep coach? A house cleaner? Pet walker?

Baby is born, what next? The first couple weeks with your new baby is precious and should be sacred for new parents. Learn tools on how to create boundaries around visitors after baby is born and the most effective way to set up a manageable schedule for yourself and your baby.

One on one sessions are key in helping a new mama feel empowered in her new motherhood role.  Sessions are offered in the privacy of your own home and are encouraged for new mamas.

One On One Mama Support Postnatal Package

Two Hour Home Visit Session is $150.  (*sessions are also offered by Skype or phone)

After the baby is born, especially if you are a first time mama, many questions or concerns may come up within you. These are normal and very common. The support you may need after your baby is born, can be very different from the needs you had when you were pregnant. The Postnatal package is a combination of different support systems and resources that you may need after baby is born.

The Postnatal Package is a 2 hour session home visit. It includes:

Reviewing your birth. Did things go how you had hoped? Are there any concerns you need to address with your birth or questions for future pregnancies?

Breastfeeding support. How is your baby nursing? Do you feel your baby is getting enough milk? Would attending a Lactation support group be helpful to you?

Sleep schedule and feeding schedule. What kind of schedule are you and your baby on? Do you need a schedule or do you need to let your baby get accumulated on its own? Maybe a sleep coach can offer you additional support.

Mama emotions. How are you feeling? Do you feel you need extra support with your emotions? Learn what options you have and how to empower yourself and your feelings.

One On One Tailored Personal Session

Two Hour Home Visit Session is $150.  (*sessions are also offered by Skype or phone)

The tailored sessions are specific to your needs as a mama to be, new mom or a mom with more then one child. Sometimes as mothers, we just need some outside support and guidance. Sessions often cover topics like specific birth plan needs, how to have a successful VBAC, how to set up a schedule that works for yourself and your baby/children, who can support you as you get ready to go back to work, choices regarding vaccinations, how to find time for yourself as a mother, creating intimacy and reconnecting with your partner and learning tools to trust yourself and tune in to your maternal intuition in order to create a happy and balanced family and home. 

The session includes reviewing your needs, creating your support systems, providing the tools you need to feel empowered in making choices for yourself, a guided mediation tailored to you that you can do through out the day to help create balance and clarity and guidance on how to go forward to continue to create a harmonious home.

*Free 15 minute phone consultation for all new clients