"Let soul intuition guide your thinking and then proceed confidently in any undertaking"-Paramanhansa Yogananda                      

"As mothers we are constantly bombarded with information on the "right" way to parent our children.  It can be so overwhelming at times that it is often difficult to know which path to choose, while still making the decision that is in the best interest of our children.  Intuitive Mothers Circle helped me to look within and trust that my own intuition is the strongest tool of all.  Gathering with other mothers and hearing their stories helped me immensely.  I left having made new friends, shared positive parenting resources, and learned to empower myself by listening to my motherly instinct and intuition.  Thank you Alicia!"

-Lara Wiseman, Hypno-birthing Educator

“Alicia Bravo is naturally gifted at helping put parents, and parents-to-be at ease. She has a passion for all things motherhood and is a wonderful Supermom herself. She is asked constantly for advice about local practitioners, mothering methods, what to do if/when things go wrong, natural/holistic alternatives, she is like a human library of resources when it comes to parenting. I am not yet a mother, but my husband and I are open to the blessing of becoming parents, and we have both gone to Alicia for early pre-parenting advice. She has connected us to our OB/GYN, our Doula, and other resources before we even started the process. Maybe more importantly, she has given beautiful, non-judgmental guidance, as well as shared her own stories to help me navigate my path as a mother-to-be. Alicia usually knows more than a few answers to every question and I am grateful she has now started her company, The Intuitive Mothers Circle. There is nothing I can imagine being more important than support during the tender time of pregnancy and through the journey of motherhood. Nobody tells us how to do this, and Alicia isn't attempting to create the "perfect" roadmap, but rather is connecting people together who want to be supported and who want to offer support to women who are entering the rite of passage of motherhood together, for the benefit of families everywhere. Alicia is a compassionate, loving, humble woman with a courageous heart, and a gentle, open-hearted leadership style. I am grateful she will be a part of my community as I become a mother, and I look forward to connecting to other mothers through her IMC.”

-Jenna Gessay, Intuitive Wellness and Intuitive Business Consultant, JennaGessay.com

"Thank you for creating a space where moms can come together to relate to one another without a sense of competition. Everyone involved was so positive and helpful. Thank you again!”

-Erin Ward, Elementary School Teacher

“What I love about IMC is that it helped me connect to myself. With all the activities, commitments and overload that comes with being a mommy, I find it can be difficult to process each and every decision I make. I came away from the group really understanding to trust my own intuition, that voice or feeling inside that guides me. Alicia and IMC gave me a chance to honor that space inside that drives who I am, the wife and mother I am and the children I am raising. Thank you to the special IMC group I was lucky to be a part of and to Alicia for guiding me to be aware and tap into my own divine intuition.”

-Christa Collins, Elementary School Teacher and Stay at home mother

IMC is an amazing resource. I attended a circle where I felt supported as I prepared for the birth of my second child and was able to talk out some strategies for raising and 'redirecting behavior' in toddlerhood. Alicia is a gifted facilitator and helped all of us connect, without judgement or criticism. Every mom should attend a workshop like this!

-Stephanie Zito, CEO, Ripple Effect Coaching

I live in Mooreseville, NC, an area where VBACs are considered taboo. My obstetrician and peers treated me like I was crazy for wanting an all natural VBAC experience after a unnecessary cesarean that I was pressured into by a doctor the first time around.  Being from CA, my girlfriend recommended Alicia and I used her services during my pregnancy. She instantly made me feel comfortable, secure and empowered in my decision. This was something I could pursue without fear.  In the end, I had some complications during labor and needed a repeat cesarean the second time around. However, I was able to at least attempt my birth plan and found the support I needed. It was a great experience.  I could not have done it without without Alicia, her knowledge, support and guidance.

Megan J.