You are never alone.


The month of February has been a very challenging month for my family and I.  As many of you know, we have been struggling financially after losing my part time job in November.  I thought it would be somewhat easy to find another part time job and was willing to accept a full time job if needed but in the world of “stay at home motherhood”, you are often over looked for job positions because you are often considered “over qualified” for the types of jobs you are applying for.  I do not want to go back to work full time because I want to remain at home with my children and my overall goal was to try and make it to March, with the hope that my previous job would resume.  With that being said, my husband and I have maxed out on our financial options and now have been trying to sell his camper van, in order to buy us some time and get us through April.  We have had many curious buyers but have yet to sell the van.  We basically have one or two more weeks for it to sell.  If that does not happen then we will have to look into ourselves to make some tough decisions. 

As all of this has been going on, I have felt very lost and alone at times in our struggles.  I believe greatly in the Divine path and believe that if I let go and ask the Divine to lead me on my path, she will.  However, my challenge has always been to let go of my worries and fears and have complete trust in the power of the Divine.  I grew up in an environment that was saturated with worry and fear and I have always struggled to let things go to faith.  I have often admired those around me who have the ability to give their worries, their doubts and fears to the Divine and trust that the Divine will protect and guide them into the right next steps.  One person I admire deeply is Jenna Gessay, the Founder of Harmony Compass.  I have always admired her ability to trust the Divine and felt empowered after reading her blog post from last week,  It helped me to realize that everyone struggles with letting things go to a higher power, for me that is the Divine.  Everyone likes to be in control of their lives and when things become challenging or scarey, it is easy to “freak out” and lose faith but that is the time when faith is the most important. It is the time to reach out as far as you can and as high as you can and meditate and ask the Divine for help.  I realize that is the only way to achieve peace.  Like Jenna says in her blog post, it is important to not ask the Divine the question of “why” because you may never get the answer, at least not right away but instead listen to what the Divine is telling you and trust in the path that is being presented to you. 

This is always hard to do and in the next few weeks or maybe the next few months, I may find myself making some really hard decisions but I have to trust in the Divine and believe that this is part of my journey. 

Having faith is a very intuitive thing to do.  I am intuitive in my daily life as a mother and it is time for me to pass that on to my faith in the Divine.

Trust Yourself,

Alicia Bravo

Founder, Intuitive Mothers Circle