Why am I a good mother?

"Why am I a good mother?" Do you ask yourself this question often, sometimes or never? Instead, do you find yourself asking a different question like "Am I a good mother?"
We all have the power to be good, even great mothers! I am not afraid to admit that I am a great mother. It took me sometime to feel comfortable admitting it out loud but then I realized that I should be embracing this greatness and sharing it with others.
Now, it is important to understand that being a great mother does not mean I am a perfect mother.
In fact, in order to be a great mother, I think you cannot be perfect. Part of being a great mother is to learn from your mistakes and grow as a parent.
I promise you that I have had many learning moments in motherhood and they have helped me to grow into a better parent. Just remember that every day is a new day, a new learning opportunity and a new day to start over. We as mothers need to learn to be kinder to ourselves and to each other. The next time you get together with another mom, remind her that she is a great mom and do not forget to tell yourself those same important words. One simple exercise is to create a “great mom” mantra and repeat it to yourself daily. Before you know it, you will be embracing your greatness without hesitation and you will be a better mother for doing so.