The Intuitive Nature of Breastfeeding

Some of you are new moms that are new to the world of breastfeeding or some of you are already pros at breastfeeding but all of you know what it is like to have ups and downs when it comes to feeding your baby. With my first child Tallulah, she had a hard time latching.  I remember thinking it was the end of the world because I had to use a nipple guard in order for her to latch on to get milk.  Breastfeeding was brand new to me and I had no idea what I was doing and thought my baby would be using a nipple guard forever.  Once day, when Tallulah was about 2 months old, my good friend who focuses on massage and craniosacral work, came over to meet Tallulah.  She evaluated Tallulah and showed me that Tallulah had  a knot in her neck, which likely came from labor and birth.  We massaged it out and then it was time to feed Tallulah.  Before I could even get the nipple guard on, Tallulah had latched on and was feeding. 

Thinking back, intuitively I felt that something was wrong which was causing her trouble when feeding.  I thought she seemed tense at times but being a new mom, it was hard to listen and understand those feelings.

When my son was born, I thought I was the expert on breastfeeding and since it was my second baby, I figured I totally knew what I was doing.  Because of this, I went for a month breastfeeding my son Joaquin, in total agony.  I was dreading feeding him because it hurt so much.  I kept telling myself that it was normal, although intuitively, I knew that was not the case.  After a month, I visited a wonderful lactation consult, Vicki Wolfrum and she taught me correct positioning and it changed everything.  My son is now 11 months and is an expert feeder.  I honestly  thought when I visited Vicki that I may not get to breastfeed Joaquin but that was my fear talking.  My intuition told me that something was incorrect in how I was breastfeeding and Joaquin was telling me the same thing.

This is the power of maternal intuition.  Over time with the right guidance, you can really learn to listen to your beautiful maternal intuition and let it guide you into successful parenting. My story is just one example.  If I would have stopped and listened to myself instead of giving into fear, I could have saved myself so much anguish.  However, this is what we learn as mothers.  This is what I want to teach and share with you at my next Intuitive Mothers Circle session.  Please join my community of women and share your stories and knowledge.  We have the power as mothers to help and guide each other. 

Follow your intuition,

Alicia Bravo

Founder of Intuitive Mothers Circle