The Common Question

I love helping mothers which is the main reason I created Intuitive Mothers Circle. I wanted to help guide mothers into embracing their ability to be a supermom by using the power of their maternal intuition. The question I get asked often is “How do I know I have maternal intuition and does it come after I have my children or before?”

There is no right answer to this question except that maternal intuition is within all women. However, some women are unaware of it because they are consumed with worry and doubt their capabilities as a mother. When this happens, it clouds the ability to listen and understand the maternal intuition. Some women connect to it right after birth, some during pregnancy and some are maternal nurtures their whole life. No matter which one of these categories you fall into, it is important to embrace the idea that maternal intuition is within you. You may have to work harder then others to find it but you can gain the skills that will help you tune in to your self and your intuition. It can often take small situations at the start to help you understand your intuition and once you tap into it, it will become a natural part of how your make decisions as a mother.

One example may be that your child has an ear infection and the doctor tells you to put him on antibiotics. However your feel your child does not need antibiotics because he has no fever and seems playful and happy. Your intuition tells you that antibiotics will not help his ear infection and since he is happy, you decide to give it a week and then reconnect with the doctor. Upon taking him back to the doctor, his ear infection has cleared up and the use of antibiotics was not needed. This decision was made based on knowing your child and listening to your maternal intuition on what you thought your child needed.

These type of decisions can be very challenging especially as a new mother but it is important to always listen to yourself. You as a mother, knows what is best for your child. In this case, it was not giving antibiotics, in other cases, it may be your child needed the antibiotics etc. I have had to make both those decisions in my children’s lives. The important thing to know is that you must trust yourself as a mother. When you do this, your children’s lives will be better for doing so.

I hope to see you at my next Intuitive Mothers Circle on October 22. You will learn how to understand and listen to your intuition and here other stories from myself and other women that offer support and guidance as a mother.

Mother knows best.

See you soon,

Alicia Bravo

Founder, Intuitive Mothers Circle