Let Your Light Shine

I recently went to a session with my friend Kristin at Sacred Heart Empire, who does energy bodywork. If you have never experienced something like this, I think it is a must for all mamas. It is hard to put into words what the experience bring to you but I highly suggest you book a session with her to find out more!

As mothers, we often put our children first, then our partners and then ourselves. We often feel guilty if the order is reversed in any way. This often may make us feel tired, cranky, depleted and give us feelings of a loss of sense of self, who we were before we were mothers. That was a huge reason why I went to Sacred Heart Empire. After my session, I left feeling reborn, rebalanced in who I am as a person, as a woman. The theme that kept coming up for me was to "Let my light shine". By allowing this to happen, by letting my light shine bright and true, this would expand to my husband and my children and provide a more calm family and a more calm self. By waking up each morning and turning my light on from head to toe, I could conquer my day with hope, awareness, patience and love. The most beautiful part was that I was taking time to put "me" first. It is something we need to be better at as mothers. By putting "me" first, on a more regular basis, I am creating a more happy self and in turn, a more happy husband and happy children. We need to remember to turn our lights on and let them shine brightly not just as mothers but as the amazing, strong and beautiful women we are. Every day this week, take 10 minutes of your day and focus on your beautiful light shining out of you from head, to finger tips to toes. Send it out into the world and let it be seen by all around you. I promise, you will feel the shift in your daily life, as I have felt. 

Trust Yourself,