The night before Mother's Day, I watched the movie "Lion".  This may be a spoiler alert if you have not seen the movie but I felt it was such a powerful movie about a mother's love and the bond between mother and child.  The story is about a young boy from India who is adopted by Australian parents but later in his life, searches for his birth mother.  There is much more to the story but that is for you to discover yourself.  What I loved about the story was the purity of showing how you do not have to birth a child to become a mother or love your child like your own.  Many of us have experienced mothers who may have not shown us love, protection or nurturing support the way we may of needed it in our life but while we were missing that in our own mothers, we found that support in another who loved us like we were their own child.  You do not have to birth a child to become a mother, that is not what defines a mother.  While I am grateful for growing and birthing my babies, what makes me a mother is the unconditional love I give my children.  Meeting their needs first, making sure they feel loved, safe, protected and nurtured in all ways.  Being a mother is making sure my children feel heard and that they matter always.  I have been blessed to have some women come into my life who have been like mothers to me and I am grateful for their love and support.  As our Mother's Day has passed, take the time to think of person who served as a mother in your life and share your love with them.  Happy Mother's Day!

Trust yourself,