Intuitively, we know when we like a person or feel a connection with someone. Intuition also helps us filter out people in our lives that we feel have negative energy or people that often play the role of “the victim”. All of us have those type of people in our lives but what is the best way to deal with them and how do we keep their negative energy out of our positive space.

1. Remain Positive
For example, if someone in your family or someone you work with is a constant ball of negative energy and uses you as their punching bag or as a person to vent to, do not let them. Remind them that you are happy to listen to them in their time of need or offer support when needed but let them know that the discussion needs to be positive. If that does not work then try your best to distance yourself from the person and/or situation.

2. Meditate
Mediation is key to living a life of positivity. Even if you take five minutes a day to close your eyes and meditate while repeating your favorite mantra, it can work wonders for banishing negative energy. Sometimes, I even do it while I am washing the dishes. As a mama of two children, I try to make every moment count.

3. Pray
I do not mean you have to pray to God but just pray out loud for positive things in your life or pray for positive things for someone else. Just by putting it out into the universe, much goodness can come from that.

4. Write it down
Write it down! Journal, write a letter, write a book, whatever form of writing comes natural to you or even drawing is a wonderful release. Weather you write it or draw it, the key is to envision the positive energy in your life. Write down what that is for you or draw what that looks like for you. If you do this, good things will come.

5. Let it go
I hear this phrase everyday as my daughter sings “Let It Go” from Frozen as she acts out the role of Elsa. But that song has a great theme to it. We can never move forward in a positive direction unless we learn to “let it go”.
Leave the negativity behind.

Remember, we all deserve our life to be full of positive goodness but it takes a little work on our part as well.

Trust yourself,