Let your intuition be your guide

I had two wonderful Intuitive Mothers Circles last week.  I am always amazed how each circle of mothers is always so unique.  Each circle is brought together for a reason and these last two IMC gatherings were so special to me because they reminded me how important it is to trust myself and that the decision to move in to my mother in laws house was inside me for a long time but I was just not ready to listen to that path.  Now that I have made that decision, everything else has become so clear and has started to fall into place.  Our intuition is so powerful but sometimes, we choose to fight it because we may not like what it is telling us to do but I have learned that once we let go and let our intuition be our guide, it truly unveils a beautiful path ahead. 

Thank you to all my amazing mothers for sharing with me this last week.  You have brought me true love and guidance.

Trust yourself,