I would rather be a stay at home mom

Living in San Diego can be very costly and many people may think it is crazy or impossible to do it on one income and I would have to agree with them.  My husband makes a very middle of the road salary, not quite enough to live on for a family of four with rent, a car payment, eating organically, preschool, day to day bills, diapers etc. I need to work part time to bring in extra income to make sure we can afford to live on our own.  However, I am not willing to sacrifice being a stay at home mother, so whatever job I have, I prefer it to be from home or be as little time away from home as possible.  Right now, we are in the process of selling my husband’s camper van. It is our last hope to stay in our home with the assumption that my job that was put on hold in November, will resume in March.  Looking ahead to March, it seems that all things point in a positive direction and I will be employed again but it has me reflecting on the last few months and what we have done to survive in order to keep me at home with my children.  Now I realize, many would think this is foolish to not have financial stability but I would disagree.  Before I know it, my children will be in school full time and that will allow me to go back to work if I choose to but until then, I want to make sure that the person that guides my children everyday, is me. I selfishly want that for my children and for myself. I believe it is what is best for their well being.  In order to make that happen with our current situation and while I look for work, my husband and I have dug deep and sold all the things we could think of and we have reached out to all that could support us to keep us in our home. Of course, some may say, that is silly, what if I do not get a job and we have to move anyway. To that I say, it will not happen.  We have too much faith in the Divine path and too much faith in ourselves as parents, to let that happen.  I realize not every parent has the choice to be at home with their children and I am lucky to have that choice.  But I think everyone views it in their own way.  I know many people that wish they could stay at home with their children but they are so focused on the material aspects of life that they loose site of what they really want.  I read an article awhile back that talked about the idea that so many parents both work because they want to provide whatever their children ask for, dance lessons, soccer, art lessons, clothes, toys etc.  However, when the children were asked what they wanted more, the majority answered that they wished their parents were home more or one of their parents stayed home instead of working.  It is a tough choice and right now, it is even tougher since I am not sure where we will be in the next few months but we will move forward and I will continue to look for work that fits my children’s lifestyle and what is best for them and our family.  Intuitively, that is what is best for my children.  It is important to remember that home is wherever your family is and that is what matters.

Trust yourself,


Founder, Intuitive Mothers Circle