I love Intuitive Mothers Circle

It is the truth, I love leading my Intuitive Mothers Circles sessions.  Every circle is unique and my favorite thing is always how each circle of mothers is brought together for a reason.  The mothers that are present at IMC, always seem to reflect each other for what their needs are for that moment.  It is always beautiful to witness.  It was so nice to have last weeks IMC.  It had been awhile.  With the holidays, cold and flu season, scheduling conflicts and then my son breaking his leg, IMC kept getting rescheduled.  I was happy to be gathering with my wonderful mothers again.  The energy I feel when leading these strong and amazing mothers through circle is so empowering and provides me the energy I need to keep moving forward in my own motherhood.  Last week, I was so thrilled to have one of the mothers text me afterward that IMC provided her a safe haven to speak her feelings and for the first time, in a long time, she felt she found other mothers she could connect with and relate to.  That is why I love leading IMC.  It is my passion to empower mothers to feel like “super moms” and to trust themselves completely in their decisions they make as mothers on a daily basis. I hope to see you all at the next IMC sessions this month.