For the last few months, we have been struggling financially, after losing my part time job in November.  While we look out to the horizon of things to come and things that may change in our life, I am reminded everyday of gratitude.  I live a very simple life with my amazing husband and wonderful children but that does not mean that things are not a roller coaster at times.  However, the one thing that is important to have, especially in times of need is gratitude.  There are many people out there who may think my husband and I are crazy to chose not to work two full time jobs so we can have a lot of money and financial security.  At times, that does sound appealing when I think of vacations to Hawaii or getting a pedicure but then I realize the joy and value in being at home with my children.  You only have one chance to raise them so why not take the chance if you can.  I would go back to work full time if I had to but we would rather try everything else before that decision is made.  It may mean we cannot go out to dinner or to the movies but it is all in the short term.  So I am working on being grateful for these choices, showing gratitude for being at home with my children, having a part time job that allowed me to work from home, being able to put healthy food on the table, having a loving, strong husband, having a healthy and beautiful family, grateful to live by the beach, grateful for friends and family who provide support for us, having an amazing landlord who values the life we are creating in our home and my list goes on and on.  What I have learned is the importance of thanking the Divine for what I have, instead of complaining about what I do not have.  For me, that is a challenge every day but it is key to a happy life.  For the next week, try writing down in a journal what you are grateful for each day or write it down on a post it note and post it on your bathroom mirror as a daily reminder.  In time, you will see there is much more to be grateful for in your life then you realized.

I will think of you in my “gratitude” thoughts and I hope you will do the same for me.

Trust yourself,


Founder, Intuitive Mothers Circle