Come follow me into 2014

So it has been a little bit of a tough start to 2014.  My family was hit pretty hard with a nasty cold/flu virus.  First my daughter got it, then it hit me and my husband at the same time (which should not be allowed by the way) then a milder case hit my son Joaquin (thanks to breastfeeding).  I think it is the sickest I have been since I had mono in high school! Being sick and trying to keep being a mother is so challenging! You want to still give everything to your children but it is hard to do because you feel like a shell of a person and all you want to do is hide in your bed until you are feeling 110%.  However, the good news is, that you do survive and the sickness does pass and then you become even more grateful for your happy and healthy family.  While I was sick, it made me realize that I need to get focused again on Intuitive Mothers Circle.  I am on a mission to empower all mothers to embrace their greatness and trust themselves.  I want to give mothers the tools to do this and I can with my wonderful Intuitive Mothers Circle.  For the New Year, I want to send out a mantra or a task everyday for my amazing mothers to think on or act on.  It will keep me focused and it will serve all you mothers well.  So make sure you are following Intuitive Mothers Circle on Facebook and Instagram so you do not miss out.  See you at IMC!

Trust your spirit within,


Founder, Intuitive Mothers Circle