The Intuitiveness of Birth


Giving birth to your baby is an experience that is unique to only you.  There are never two births that are alike.  No mater what your beliefs are, you cannot deny the miracle of birth and bringing life into this world.  I am grateful for my two beautiful birth experiences.  My first was an unexpected but amazing C-section and my second was a powerful natural VBAC.  Two completely different births but both offered priceless experiences as a mother.  The important thing to remember is that birth is a highly intuitive experience.  We as women are designed to birth these astonishing little humans into the world.  Not only are we physically built to birth our babies; we are intuitively built as well.  As mamas, we have that perfect 7th sense of intuition that can guide us in our birthing process.  The important thing that I share with all mothers to be, is that your birth experience should be what you feel is best for you and your baby.  No one should be dictating what your birth should look like except you.  There are always exceptions, sometimes we cannot have the birth that we hoped for but we can have the birth that we feel is right for our situation.  Take time to trust yourself and tune in to your body and your baby.  Surround yourself with a supportive birth team. That may include your family, a close friend, your doctor or midwife, a doula, massage therapist, chiropractor, lactation consultant, the list goes on and on and most importantly, a 100% on board supportive birth partner.  This may be your spouse, partner, father to the baby. Whoever it is, they need to be there to support you and the decisions you make along your birth journey.  Birth can be complicated but we as mothers have the best answers within us.  I love sharing about birth and watching mothers go through the transformation after they experience their birth journey. I always have a full heart of gratitude after mothers connect with me about their birth.  It is a true honor. 

Trust yourself,