Join our circle to discuss "Mama Depletion"

How many of us mothers feel depleted on a daily basis?  I often feel like I am full of energy but depleted at the same time.  Is that possible?  Yes, it is.  Once we become mothers our brain goes into baby mode.  We intuitively start having baby radar for all things our baby needs and this continues as our children grow.  Honestly, it never stops so as mothers we are constantly in this mode of “provide, provide, provide” and our brain and body give us the energy we need to do that for our children but at the same time, we are depleted as individuals.  Our minds and bodies are worn down because we are not taking time to provide to ourselves in ways of exercise, good nutrition, quiet time etc.  The crazy part is that most of us are already depleted going into pregnancy because of our work lives, personal lives etc.  This is not a good scenario since are amazing bodies are working so hard growing our babies and the placenta is designed to take all it can out of our bodies to provide for our growing baby.  So if we are already depleted going into this unbelievable process, what happens when our baby is born?  We as mothers may start to unravel quickly.  What can we do to not feel so depleted? The main thing is to find support.  Support from other mothers, support from a mothers group, family, friends, spiritual guidance, psychologist, counselor.  Just a person or place where you can talk and be heard and get the support you need to feel balanced.  There are small things you can do like taking 10 minutes a day for yourself to mediate, journal, dance, sing, do a facial, paint your nails, take a bath, something that soothes your soul and helps you to full whole.  As mothers, we give ourselves with all our heart and soul to our children but it is important to remember that if we become so depleted, all that will be left of us is a shell of a mother and that is not what we want to share with our children.  Stop feeling depleted and start moving towards your whole self.

Join Intuitive Mothers Circle on Thursday, November 16 from 10am-12pm to discuss the topic of “Mama Depletion” and get a lovely facial guided by Anneliese Wells from Your Core Wellness.  Register here for a spot, $25, spaced is limited.

Trust yourself,