A Day Without Kids

I have not had a full day away from both my kids since my son was born two and a half years ago. Of course, there have been half days here and there but not a full day. Yesterday, I was gone from the morning until the evening attending the Integratron Sound Bath for a guided mediation. I drove with one of my good friends, who is also a mama of two little girls, and we were so excited to get away and share this time together. In the car, We laughed about how fun it was to be able to talk about anything we wanted, the freedom to use swear words when needed, to talk about love, loss and life without restricting our conversation.  When we arrived at the Sound Bath, we sat in hammocks, drinking greens juice and relaxing in the breeze with such a feeling of joy and relaxation. During the mediation, I went into a instant state of relaxation.  I mentally realized that I had no children to worry about and at the moment, I went into a deep surrender. I surrendered to the Divine and had gratitude for this special moment. I surrendered to the Divine and let go to my husband back at home, knowing that he was being a "kick butt" Papa and that I had nothing to worry about. Although, the meditation only lasted an hour, it felt freeing to let go in that moment. It is something that I am working on as a mama. The ability to be able to surrender and let go at key moments in my day has really brought harmony to myself, my husband and my children. Taking this day for myself was a lovely reminder that I need to take special time for myself more often. It can be something small like going to a yoga class or something big like a weekend retreat but whatever it is, it is key to my balance. It is key to the balance of any mother.

As we approach Mother's Day, I ask that each of you glorious and dedicated mamas take a few minutes out of your day and make a plan for yourself. Make a plan for your day without kids and put it into action. You will be better for it.

Yesterday was a wonderful day, I felt refreshed, balanced and at the end of that day, I loved coming home to my two perfect children yelling words of joy out the window as they saw me come home.

Trust yourself,