What is the mirror telling you?

A few months ago, I attended a Goddess circle lead by my friend Jenna.  The topic was "mirror image".  We discussed the idea that often we are being mirrored our own negative energy behaviors or struggles right in front of ourselves but often ignore them.  For example, you may find that you get frustrated by a co-worker who seems to always want to control the situation, however, when you step back and reflect, you may discover that it is you who is controlling which is why you became agitated by your co-worker.  The Divine is providing a mirror image for you in order to help you to understand your own flaws and hopefully, work on ways to improve them.  This made me think a lot about being a mother and how our children are constant mirrors of our behavior.  I can think of many occasions where I find myself getting frustrated at my daughter Tallulah and how she is behaving but when I step back and take a moment and be mindful in the situation at hand, I often realize, she is mirroring my own behavior.  It is one of the best lessons the Divine can provide for you as a parent.  The Divine is very cleaver and if you take the time to pause and look inside yourself as to why you get so annoyed at certain people's behaviors or actions, you will likely find that it is because they are mirroring something inside yourself that you wish to improve.  Spend each day, thinking of thoughts going through your mind and the words coming out of your mouth and reflect on them.  If you feel they are a reflection of the Divine's love then you are on the right path.

Trust yourself,