Intuitive Mothers Circle exists to empower mothers to find, follow and trust their maternal intuitive spirit within. Intuitive Mothers Circle offers workshops and one on one support sessions that provide a safe space to discuss your mommy fears, concerns and questions while giving you the tools you need to build confidence and courage in your new mama role.  Let me help light your power within.

Founder and Mama Coach,  Alicia Bravo

Alicia believes every mother is a "supermom". We are all given the tools to be amazing mothers but in mainstream society we are bombarded with so many different voices telling the how, what and why in regard to decisions we make for our children. This causes mothers to doubt the one thing that is always right, their intuition. Alicia believes if we listen to our intuition as mothers, it then leads to confident parenting and confident and secure children.

Alicia has been married to her loving partner and husband for 13 years and is the mom of two beautiful children, Tallulah, born in 2010 and Joaquin, born in 2012. 

After receiving her BA in Women Studies at Sonoma State University and her MA in Organization Leadership at the University of San Francisco, Alicia worked in the nonprofit sector for seven years as a director for after school programs and then followed her passion of natural healthy lifestyle and accepted a job at Kashi Company, where she worked for four years as a Marketing Coordinator.  Alicia then decided to leave Kashi after her daughter Tallulah’s first birthday, to start her next journey as a stay at home mom.  Alicia then discovered this was her true passion, being a mom and helping other moms.

In addition to spending time with her husband, and their amazing children, she enjoys practicing Pilates and yoga, is a student of mediation and enjoys going to the beach with her family for family fun day. In her day to day, she feels she makes a difference by being herself and expressing her passions to others.